3 Month Post Placement

August 30th, 2006
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Yesterday we finished our 3 month post placement visit with our social worker, Marilyn. As usual, it was enjoyable and went by so quickly. We are now one visit closer to being able to finalize our adoption in Washington state. As these visits are beginning to come to a close, I am realizing how fast this has all went.

Yesterday, Marilyn showed up right at 11. My kids seem to have difficulty keeping to a schedule while at home. Or should I say that I have a problem keeping them on schedule when they are home. I had just started to give them lunch. He was in his highchair and Ivy was using the potty. She then visited with Bec while I finished up with Ivy. Ivy then proceded to have 2 meltdowns one right after the other and was sent to her room. By the time the visit was over the grand total of meltdowns for Ivy would be 3 and for Becken would be 1. Of course. Marilyn is so understanding though, that she realized that these were tired kids acting out and kept reassuring me that she could tell that they were tired.

They both went down to sleep and we finished up talking. She asked questions about his health and adjustment to the family. She asked if my family was still as enthralled with him as before, (they are). We also chatted about if we were going to have any more kids and possibly when. This whole time she is also sharing stories from her summer and her grown children. At the end I gave her 4 recent pics of Bec and she was on her way. She was here for a couple of hours.

As each visit is completed, I’m growing sad that they are coming to a close. I wish that biological kids also came with a social worker that checks in from time to time. During our visit, Marilyn complimented my home and my parenting skills. She said more than once that I was doing a good job. After she leaves I have a renewed sense of power in my abilities. And she says this as my kids are fitting and screaming. I don’t know what parent couldn’t use someone like her in their corner. Every one needs a Marilyn.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    My friend calls the time around lunch and supper “the arsenic hour” – too funny. I’m glad you have such an understanding adoption worker who can see the whole picture where kids are involved!

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