“All Headaches Are Not Created Equal”

July 17th, 2006
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In the mail today I received my seasonal copy of ewChAT, News and Continuing Education Workshops for the Alternative Health Industry. The cover article for the information involves headaches. It was written by Erik Dalton.

The headings for the article are as follows.

Identifying Systems and Triggers
Food Reactions
Environmental Reactions
Body Reactions
Classifying Migraines


Do’s, Don’ts and Treatment Options
Bodywork and Alternative Treatment
Structurally-Induced Migraines

Of particular interest to this group was the body reactions section. Here is what it had to say:

Biochemical changes play a key role in the onset of pain – particularly in women. Approximately, eighteen percent of women and seven percent of men report having migraines each year. The fact that more women than men suffer from migraines leads many scientists to posit that menstruation and fluctuating estrogen hormone levels may serve as a major factor in triggering migraines in women (3). And, of course, there is always the body’s response to emotional triggers like tension and stress. Most migraine sufferers report that their symptoms noticeably worsen in proportion to an accumulation of life’s trypical stressors – including job, marital problems, finances, illness, etc.

Some traditional treatment options that the article offered were some that I had not thought of. These included keeping your blood sugar stable with a lot of small meals during the day. A healthy diet with emphasis on the following minerals:

Copper (seafood, liver, whole grains)
Folic acid (green leafy vegetables, sprouts, organ meat)
Iron (oysters, liver, red meat, spinach tomato sauce)
Magnesium (wheat bran, vegetables, legumes and nuts)
Niacin (fish, chicken, mushrooms and asparagus)
Omega-3 fatty acids (fish oils, green vegetables)
Riboflavin (goat’s milk, mushrooms, liver, spinach)

Reading through and even typing some of the above list almost made me gag, but during the times of my migraines, I would gladly eat something called organ meat to make the pain go away.

Staying away from perfumes of all types, using air filters and reduction of humidity were also suggestions to use in your environment to stave off an attack. Especially being sensitive of these during the times of the month that involve hormone changes.

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2 Responses to ““All Headaches Are Not Created Equal””

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Avoiding certain classifications of food also helps. In particular:

    * citrus fruit
    * red wine
    * aged cheese and meat
    * chocolate (sorry)
    * shellfish

    I don’t know where I came across this information, but it really does help!

    Heidi Saxton

  2. Karianne Says:

    I’ll take any help that I can get! If I’m willing to eat some of the above foods to avoid pain, I’d better be willing to avoid some of my favorites as well!

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