Beginning of a Long Journey

April 4th, 2011
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mountain road 150x150 Beginning of a Long JourneyGreetings, fellow adoption journeyers!  New blogger here.  My name is  Jamaica and I’m the lucky mom of 4 great kids who came to us through adoption…with another on the way!   Each one has a funny, unique story of their journey to becoming our son or daughter, and over the course of time, I invite you to learn about us and how we became a family.  But, first I will share with you how it all began, because many of you may now be where I was a decade ago.

As a young woman, in my early 20s,  I took it for granted that I would marry and have children.  But the failure of my first marriage put an end to that…or at least, it made a long detour.   I lived the textbook example of hearing the ole biological clock ticking.  Somewhere around 30, I began to want children of my own.  I was in a long-term relationship with my now husband, who already had 4 children.  However, two were grown and two were half-grown, so my dreams of a cherub-faced little toddler on my lap, calling me “mommy”, were definitely not going to be fulfilled there.  So I made a deal with myself, or my soon-to-be hubby, or Fate, or whatever, that if I couldn’t be a mother, or at least “on my way” to being a mother, by the time I was 40, then fuggedaboudit.

I was thirty five and a half (that half can be important when the clock is ticking) before life afforded me the opportunity to begin trying.  Because we knew what we were up against in terms of medical challenges, we began seeing a reproductive specialist immediately.  So began a life lived by the (Ovulation predictor) calendar, with words like Clomid, IUI, and LH surge, frequently in our vernacular.  Two years rolled by, without success.

When our attempts at baby making, began to feel like a grind, we decided to take a break for a while.  We took a few months off, even indulging ourselves with a much-awaited trip to Key West at Thanksgiving one year.  Shortly upon our return, and in one of those “I just know it” moments, TADA… we got pregnant.  So excited to finally be pregnant, we announced it to everyone, only to miscarry shortly thereafter.   Before that, I never imagined the double whammy of emotional and physical pain that pregnancy loss could be.  But I would soon learn.  To Be Continued….

Written by: Jamaica Hudnall

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