Benefits of Journaling

November 11th, 2006
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I took a journaling workshop at our local cancer care center while my dad was sick and getting chemo. Last night I came across one of the handouts from the instructor, who is also a close friend. It has some great info in it and I thought that I would share it with you all. Journaling through the stress of his illness, and the grief of his death has been helpful to keep my head on straight. Any type of infertility stress can also benifit from journaling.

In earlier generations it was common to keep a diary or a personal journal. However, today few people do it and very few recognize the value and astonishing power of keeping a journal.

A few of the benefits of keeping a journal:
A journal can become a refuge where you can rest and recover from the latest blows that life throws your way.

Journaling can help you work through stressful events without the fear of social consequences. You can journal about things that you don’t want to discuss with friends or family members.

Journaling nurtures your spirituality and taps into your unconscious mind. Ultimately, this connection can reduce stress and keep you healthy.

Journaling is a healthy way to release pent-up emotions. A blank page is a safe place to dump anger and frustrations without hurting anyone. Releasing your feelings on the page may actually help them subside.

A journal can simplify your life. Describe your values, set goals, note your achievements or give thanks; these small notes to yourself can make it easier to handle life’s distractions.

Journaling helps you to be quiet. Writing can be a form of meditation with a similar power to quiet the mind and focus your thoughts.

Journaling can even improve your health. Recent research shows that the simple act of writing down thoughts and feelings can reduce blood pressure, increase immunity, increase “killer cells,” lower heart rate.

written by Wendy Warren;

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