Castor Oil?

July 12th, 2010
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Oil Castor Oil?  A good friend of mine got word today that her IVF cycle has to be delayed even more because of a cyst. She went in for her baseline ultrasound after taking birth control pills and they found a pretty large cyst. They instructed her to keep taking birth control pills for a month longer and to go to the office today to see if the cyst had shrunk or disappeared, as they anticipated. Unfortunately, it was still there and she has to have it surgically removed before she can move forward with her IVF cycle. She told me that she was so distraught and upset when she heard the news that she forgot to ask questions and so she didn’t know the answer when I asked how long after the surgery she would need before she could move forward with the cycle.

As I was searching the internet for the answer to that question I came across some people on the message boards proclaiming castor oil as a miracle worker when it came to ovarian cysts. My first reaction was to disregard it as an “old wives tale.” But then I thought about some of the things I tried – Mucinex, pineapple, Gatorade, no caffeine – so I passed it along to her figuring she may want to try it. Apparently castor bean oil has been used for centuries as a natural therapy and is supposed to be able to sink below the skin to have restorative or pain relieving effects.

To use it for fibroids or cysts, it is recommended to be used as a “castor oil pack,” which seems to essentially be cotton or wool flannel soaked in castor oil wrapped around a heating pad. If you are actually interested in trying the pack please talk to a natural health specialist or visit a site such as this, to learn more. I readily admit that I know nothing about natural remedies and their safety or practical applications. What I did find interesting though, was that castor oil is supposed to have healing properties that take away excess toxins and tissue. Many of the other “remedies” claim to stop or limit the growth of cysts and fibroids, but don’t really help to eliminate ones that are already there.

For my friend, it is probably too late. The surgery is scheduled, she has not started the medication that she would need to in order to move forward with the cycle, and she is resigned to relying on the doctors to try to take care of this. I would be the exact same way – I am a skeptic and would probably be very wary of even giving myself the hope that castor oil would do the trick. However, I know that there are many people who have found natural remedies to be exceedingly effective and if you aren’t moving forward in a cycle currently, but want to see if you can eliminate cysts to have a better chance to conceive I would definitely do a little more research and see if a castor oil pack is something that might work for you.

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2 Responses to “Castor Oil?”

  1. locnlove Says:

    Yes…you are right some doctors won’t even prescribe birth control they just wait it out and then prescribe birth control if it has not reduced and if it’s too big surgery. Hopefully she doesn’t have any scar tissue after surgery. I frequently use castor oil packs for my ovarian cysts and although it doesn’t happen overnight, overtime it will shrink if you are persistent. It also helps with the pains you get from having an ovarian cysts I would advise her to go for it. Good luck. also has ready made castor oil kits. It comes with the oil, flannel and something else for 20.00

  2. Lovelyn Says:

    No matter which way you look at it, doing IVF or even a mini IVF is so expensive! Just to give you guys a little hope, my husband and I were heartbroken at the prospect, because we just couldn’t afford $15k upfront. We were pretty desperate and we did a lot of research and then were told about a product called BeeFertile and both decided to try it (they have a couples kit). We were really skeptical, but at this point $300 vs. $15,000 was no contest, and let’s face it, we were willing to try anything at this point! It took just a few months and my pregnancy test came up positive!! And as a side note, I had polycystic ovaries and a really hard time ovulating. Just getting this out for all the girls in my similar circumstance. Good luck everybody!

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