Time Doesn’t Stop

October 11th, 2013
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It’s been 3,650 days, 120 months, and 10 years from the day that I found out that we suffered with infertility. You tend to think to yourself that if you just give it time and relax that it will happen. You will just wake up one day nauseated and pee on a stick and you’re pregnant; [...]

It’s Your Time To Heal – Male Factor Infertility

October 3rd, 2013
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I remember it like it was yesterday when we received the phone call that changed our lives forever. My husband and I were at work and the doctor’s nurse called me back. She started off the conversation with a question, and that question was “Have you ever considered donor sperm?” We knew at that moment [...]

Turning Down a Shared Cycle

August 30th, 2013
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More and more fertility clinics are starting to offer shared-donor in-vitro fertilization cycles, where a woman agrees to donate some of her retrieved eggs to another patient in return for a reduced cost of her own IVF treatment. If the woman doesn’t yet have any children, or doesn’t have any biological children, this is a [...]

Infertility: A Couple’s Condition

January 23rd, 2013
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“Who’s infertile, you or your spouse?”  When I get this question… oh, wait.  Actually, I don’t usually get this question, as this would presume a certain level of knowledge on the topic (as in that it takes two to tango). Actually, whenever our infertility is revealed for the first time to a new person, it [...]

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Begin Again

October 17th, 2011
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Writing about the creation of life is about beginning again. There is so much information available today for most people who are trying to conceive. Websites, blogs, advertisements, all leading to potential answers and antidotes which will certainly help you become pregnant. After having gone through so many infertility treatments, experiments on my body, mind [...]

Welcome to the Fertility Blog A-Z and Everything In Between

April 6th, 2011
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Welcome to the new series of Fertility Blogs! As a Mom and a woman who had some of the most excruciating experiences with my infertility treatments, I can empathize and sympathize with every woman, man and family during these emotional times. A friend once asked me to describe myself, using one word, starting with the [...]

Estrogen and Cysts

July 14th, 2010
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When asked about the worst medication that I had to take when undergoing IVF, my surprising answer is – birth control pills. Of course, I didn’t love the shots, or hot flashes caused by other medicines, but the hormonal surges, caused by “the pill,” were by far the hardest to endure. I took birth control [...]

We’ve Run Out

June 28th, 2010
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It seems to me like I meet more people who are experiencing infertility all the time. This may be that I’m drawn to these men and women because I feel a connection with them or maybe it is something else. A lot of people feel that some couples are experiencing infertility at a higher rate [...]

Punished for Good Behavior

June 26th, 2010
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I have a friend who is in her late thirties and is just now engaged. She is extremely happy that after many years of looking she has found her “other half”. She was excited about everything she was going to finally be able to do, including starting a family. She went in to her doctor [...]

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Homepage Wonders

April 17th, 2010
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Tonight I turned on the internet and when my homepage ( uploaded I was shocked to see the headline- 10 Surprising Factors Killing Your Sperm. I was honestly taken back by the fact that the creators of MSN would choose this for a top headline of the day. Forget the volcano in Iceland; we have [...]

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