Grieving Miscarriage

Pregnancy After Loss

July 25th, 2013
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When we experienced our chemical pregnancy a year and a half ago, we got varying reactions from people. Some tried to minimize the loss by referring to the tiny baby/babies as “just cells” or “eggs”, while others encouraged me to name them and think of them as children I have in heaven. Considering myself Pro-Life, [...]

This is Not Your Typical Mother’s Day Story

May 12th, 2011
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For Mother’s Day my husband and daughter treated me to a wonderful dinner at one of my favorite Italian restaurants. My daughter who is six years old still needs to be reminded to use her utensils and not her fingers and to sit properly in her chair from time to time. In other words, she [...]

Smells Like Bleach

May 26th, 2010
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We should never assume or expect things in life. I know this, I remind myself of this, but yet I still do it. For some reason I assumed that if I put an effort forth to having a child than I would get one. All I needed to do was show that I was ready [...]

Letters To Heaven

May 14th, 2007
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Another tip that I posted last week was to send an email to Heaven. Here is another way that you can honor your baby online. Letters to Heaven Did you ever feel the need to express your grief and sadness over losing your baby? Did the anniversary of your baby’s death come and go and [...]

A Memorial of Stars

May 14th, 2007
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Supercluster Galaxy Click on the link above to see a night sky filled with stars named after babies lost to miscarriage, stillbirth, SIDs, and other infant loss. The page is created by Empty Cradles. Last week I wrote about ways to cope on Mother’s Day with loss. One of the tips was to create an [...]

From Carrie

May 7th, 2007
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This is a post from my friend Carrie. I was so touched by her words and asked if I could share it with you. She graciously said yes. Today I mourn the loss of the life inside of me. The life that I only knew of for under 2 months. The life I’d learned to [...]

A Letter Of Grief

April 30th, 2007
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A Letter To My Baby Beginnings The above post is from blog writer, Serenity Now! Whose title is hysterical and whose writing is amazing and true. While clicking onto her blog today, I found this beautiful letter that she wrote to her beautiful embryos that she lost about a year ago. The whole letter is [...]

Today Was My Due Date

December 4th, 2006
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In 2002 December 4th was going to be my due date with our first baby. I miscarried about 10 weeks along so we never made it to that special delivery day. Yet, every year, I think about our baby and remember the joy of being pregnant. I also remember the extreme sorrow when we lost [...]

Miscarriage Prayers

October 11th, 2006
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These are also from in their daily prayers section under Christianity. There are other religions represented as well, as the Fertility Prayer was from the Catholic section from yesterday. I wish that I would have been more pro active in looking for prayers to help me through this time. Hopefully, these prayers will not [...]

It doesn’t go away

September 12th, 2006
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I was sitting in church this Sunday listening to others share their joys and concerns. A woman stood up and wanted prayers for her granddaughter and grandson in law. Her granddaughter had just suffered a miscarriage last week and she was concerned for them. While she was talking and sharing the news my mouth went [...]