Secondary Infertility

Not Childless, but Still Infertile

September 30th, 2013
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While technically secondary infertility refers to the inability to easily conceive a second or subsequent child after not having any trouble with the first one, I wonder if there shouldn’t be a similar term for those of us who have primary infertility that has been resolved one way or another. (And by “resolved”, I don’t [...]

Begin Again

October 17th, 2011
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Writing about the creation of life is about beginning again. There is so much information available today for most people who are trying to conceive. Websites, blogs, advertisements, all leading to potential answers and antidotes which will certainly help you become pregnant. After having gone through so many infertility treatments, experiments on my body, mind [...]

This is Not Your Typical Mother’s Day Story

May 12th, 2011
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For Mother’s Day my husband and daughter treated me to a wonderful dinner at one of my favorite Italian restaurants. My daughter who is six years old still needs to be reminded to use her utensils and not her fingers and to sit properly in her chair from time to time. In other words, she [...]

A Serious Lack of Information

April 29th, 2010
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I originally sat down to type out a blog post about abnormal symptoms after giving birth and how they can lead to secondary infertility. When I started doing some basic research (Google and Wikipedia) I was shocked to find nothing. I could find a lot of websites that discussed the post partum phase but none [...]

The Goal of Fertility Treatments

April 20th, 2010
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The Southeast Chapter of RESOLVE is having it’s first annual Family Building Conference on May 1st in Atlanta, Georgia (CLICK HERE for more information). Beyond being a spectacular idea – getting people together with experts to discuss issues surroung infertility – it is also very well named! The conference intends to “address the medical, emotional, [...]

Infertility Competition

March 30th, 2009
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It seems to me that a certain phenomena exists among those struggling with fertility that involves a “competition” of sorts among those having trouble conceiving. Those who are “just” trying clomid or similar medications to induce ovulation don’t know true suffering. If you are successful with IUI or injectibles you haven’t really had to endure [...]

Secondary Infertility

March 24th, 2009
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According to RESOLVE, A National Infertility Association that is an excellent resource and support outlet, over three million Americans are affected by secondary infertility and in fact it has “a higher prevalence rate than primary infertility.” Secondary infertility came onto my radar after I learned that a friend with a seven year-old child was struggling [...]

Infertility Myths

March 5th, 2009
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In this era of “octomoms” and families of 8 or 18 it is easy to understand how people can have misconceptions about infertility and its treatment. As I was searching for information and statistics regarding multiple births and fertility treatment (out of pure curiosity), I realized that there are A LOT of myths and misunderstandings [...]

Wife, Mother and Friend

March 4th, 2009
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Today a friend of mine who has struggled with secondary infertility for six years gave birth to a healthy baby boy! The event prompted me to think back on our many conversations about trying to conceive and how afraid and scared we were to try IVF. My overwhelming wish throughout that time was to just [...]

Supporting Those with Secondary Infertility

September 19th, 2007
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Women who have never been able to conceive a baby or carry a baby to term have what is known as primary infertility. Women who have had one or more successful pregnancies but are later unable to conceive or carry a baby to term have secondary infertility. Both women suffer an enormous amount of pain, [...]