Finding Joy in Strange Places

March 15th, 2013
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In our attempts at parenthood, I have done my share of research.  I managed to overcome my needle-phobia so that I could benefit from acupuncture.  The meaning of this became especially clear when I was receiving after-transfer treatment last year.  Even though by then I had been going to acupuncture for some time, that day, [...]

Begin Again

October 17th, 2011
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Writing about the creation of life is about beginning again. There is so much information available today for most people who are trying to conceive. Websites, blogs, advertisements, all leading to potential answers and antidotes which will certainly help you become pregnant. After having gone through so many infertility treatments, experiments on my body, mind [...]

Having a Heat Wave

February 2nd, 2010
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There I was lying on a beach feeling warm in the sun. My skin started feeling warm, then hot, and then an intense burning sensation came over me. I tried to cool off, but nothing helped. I suddenly woke up from my dream covered in sweat feeling like I had the flu. That was my [...]

Unprescribed Clomid

September 28th, 2009
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I remember all to well the time when I excitedly, and with much anxiety and trepidation, began clomid treatment. I soon learned that I had very little to get excited about though, because as mentioned in another posting, clomid ended up being the worst medication for me in terms of side effects and that it [...]

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The Truth About Crinone

June 23rd, 2009
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I was very reluctant to stop taking my Progesterone In Oil (or PIO) shots and move on to the Crinone 8% vaginal progesterone gel. When I begged my doctor to let me stay on the shots (crazy I know) he told me that I would love the gel – that it would be so much [...]

A Positive of Infertility

June 3rd, 2009
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It’s easy to concentrate on the negatives of infertility, but when I talk to friends who have “surprise” pregnancies or to those who are indifferent about having a child I realize that there is one “positive.” We go through so much to start our families that there is no doubt that if and when we [...]

The Problem With Ovulation Testing

May 5th, 2009
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Throughout the course of my infertility struggles I felt as though I was constantly peeing on sticks! Whether a test for ovulation or a home pregnancy test, it seems that at every time of the month there was some reason that I would need to hold a little plastic stick in my urine stream and [...]

Clomid Side Effects

April 15th, 2009
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I have mentioned in previous posts that the very first fertility treatment I tried was clomiphine citrate, more commonly called Clomid or Serophene. I was initially prescribed Clomid after my diagnosis of PCOS. Prior to starting the Clomid medication I had tracked my cycles and realized that I do not reliably ovulate each month – [...]


April 8th, 2009
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If I hadn’t been having trouble conceiving I probably would have never been diagnosed with PCOS. Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome or PCOS is just one of the litany of problems that I bring to the table in efforts to conceive and one that long-term will probably have the most substantial impact on my health and well-being. [...]

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Infertility Competition

March 30th, 2009
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It seems to me that a certain phenomena exists among those struggling with fertility that involves a “competition” of sorts among those having trouble conceiving. Those who are “just” trying clomid or similar medications to induce ovulation don’t know true suffering. If you are successful with IUI or injectibles you haven’t really had to endure [...]