Congratulations, Sheryl Crow!

May 15th, 2007
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sc Congratulations, Sheryl Crow!

Hey Everybody,

I am so excited to share with you guys that I’ve adopted a little boy ..he was born 2 weeks ago.

His name is Wyatt (after my dad) Steven (after my little brother and Scooter) and we are enjoying some very private family time.

Just wanted you to be the first to know.

Lots of love,


The above post came from And what a neat post it is! How exciting is that? Happy news. I can’t wait until she is able to let us know a little more about her adoption circumstances and her decisions around the adoption process. Posted on May 12, what a way to bring in Mother’s Day! But I seriously doubt her fans were the first to know, at least I hope not!

My curiosity isn’t because I’m in love with Sheryl Crow or anything. The only thing that I really “know” her from is from her appearance in the movie “Cars” that my kids love to watch. She sings very prettily and seems like a nice person. And healthy now after her breast cancer. It’s the “nice person” that makes me excited to hear about the adoption. Although people are snidely saying that adoption is a celebrity trend, or parenthood actually, I love it when people are open to adoption. Some people aren’t and I can understand that too. But when people are able to adopt, and would make good parents, I love to hear about it. The more quality adoptions that take place, the more kids and parents find their families.

I hope that she is able to avoid the public scrutiny of many star parents and makes boundaries to keep Wyatt safe as well.

Regardless, “Congrats, Sheryl and Baby Wyatt for finding each other. Enjoy those glorious first moments together.”

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2 Responses to “Congratulations, Sheryl Crow!”

  1. S Says:

    Aww, what a heartwarming post. I love Sheryl Crow (I perhaps sing loudly along with her in my car…)

    I’m counting on you to keep me updated on this, as I don’t really follow much celeb scoop.

  2. CathSarah Says:

    How excitng! Good for her! I didn’t know this. I love her too, and I’m still mad at Lance! (Fat head!)
    This child will help her heal in so many ways! God bless him!

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