Coping With Mother’s Day Part 2

May 11th, 2007
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Coping With Loss on Mother’s Day

Plant a tree in her honor

Ask God to Help You Through

Spend the Day With Family

Now I think that the family idea is great, but only if they are sensitive to your feelings. I believe that many times, even the nicest people can make you feel worse by saying ignorant things or saying nothing at all. Be sure to do an emotional check before following this advice.

Reach Out and Volunteer

A friend of mine volunteered on the holidays after she divorced at a soup kitchen serving food. It kept her busy and her mind off of how the holidays, “used to be”. And although it worked for her on the actual day, it wasn’t as life changing as she expected it to be. And now, 2 years later, she no longer volunteers there. She has found other ways to give back to her community. But it helped at the time.

Send an E-mail to Heaven

Patricia Sauer, Calgary, Alberta, Canada: “I believe [my mother] is still with me as an angel.”

By writing and telling someone about my mother, Patricia Jean Sauer–even if no one ever reads it–helps me to remember her. She was an angel and I believe she is still with me as an angel. I sometimes send her e-mail just to talk to her, at It is very comforting. Sometimes [the e-mail] doesn’t even come back as undeliverable! Write your loved ones. It helps [with] the loss. Pray and go out and buy a flower in her memory. Go for a walk and feel her spirit on a beautiful day.

I absolutely loved this idea!

Be Sensitive to Those Coping With Infertility

Anonymous: “What about those of us who have never been able to conceive?”

My five siblings have all been blessed to create and see themselves in their children, I have not been. I wrestle with this every day of my life. “Why not me, Lord?” Mother Day advertisements are everywhere and well wishes for all the mothers. I’m usually asked why I don’t have any children, and [told] what a great mother I’d be. I even shy away from church service this day, as it is so beautifully devoted to all the mothers. But what about those of us, [who through] no choice of our own, have never been able to conceive?

Editor’s Note: Infertility expert Marlo Schalefsky gives this suggestion in a Beliefnet interview: “Our job is just to be there for people [who are infertile]–to pray for them, remember them with notes or little cards on difficult days like Mother’s Day, understand that it hurts to yearn for a child and not have one. Be someone they can come to and vent frustrations and hurt.”

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