Emphasis on Trying

May 18th, 2007
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Yesterday I read the June 2007 issue of Body And Soul Magazine. On the last page, they had a list written by Terri Trespicio about “Ten Thoughts on Whole Living”. (By looking up this link, I just found out that this magazine, that I love is published by Martha Stewart’s company. You learn something new everyday! )

A lot of the list were things that I have heard of before, such as, the first item, “Your home is more than the sum of it’s walls. Make is a sacred space”. And the last item, “Find your direction in life by looking where you want to go, not where you don’t.” I actually heard this concept for the first time in driver’s education if you can imagine!

But it was #4 that struck something inside of me. “Learn something new. Emphasize the trying, not the succeeding.” Now, this isn’t new either, but what if we tried to put that last sentence into terms of fertility?

How would that change the whole scope of trying to get pregnant? Now, I know that I never valued the trying to get pregnant. I absolutely just took it as a step to get from point A to point B. But what if I took the whole end result out of it? Broke it into parts that had nothing to do with a child? Could I have set my goals to one day at a time, like they do in recovery, or was it that pot of gold at the end of the tunnel ( a baby) that only kept me going?

I don’t have any answers to these questions, but I really wondered about how my experience may have changed if I had adopted the attitude of being proud of myself for trying, even if I did not succeed in carrying a pregnancy to term.

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One Response to “Emphasis on Trying”

  1. CathSarah Says:

    Very good points. I remember that I felt like such a failure each month when knew we hadn’t conceived a baby. But I see the wisdom in your words — and how differently life could have been — for both my husband and I — had I had that kind of an attitude, and made it a much more positive experience. Hopefully I’ll be able to take my mistakes and learn from them in my future!

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