Fertility Center Accused of Videotaping

July 20th, 2006
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video Fertility Center  Accused of VideotapingYesterday an announcement was made by S. Edmond El Dabe that a client of his is suing Pacific Reproductive Services in San Francisco, claiming that the center videotaped him while he was masturbating. The man discovered a camera in the ceiling of the center and then complained. Employees then refused to call the police when the man demanded that they do so.


Add this to the stigma of fertility treatments. Not only are we subjected to scrutiny by the general public, but now we have to worry about something like this? Add insult to injury, put salt in the wound, kick us while we are down. And while you are at it, why don’t you videotape a portion of how we are conceiving our children?

Reading this article in it’s brief form made my stomach hurt. I’m hoping that this may be a mistake. (Denial in it’s full form) I’m wondering how parents that have used this center are dealing with it. Or if there are donor children who are of adult age that are aware of it? Was this man a part of a couple, and now they are so devastated that they aren’t going to have children at all?

The man is suing for damages for invasion of privacy and emotional distress. Does this affect the privacy of his partner as well? Could she sue? How long has this been going on? Were the tapes distributed? Who knew about this? Were other procedures videotaped without consent as well? My mind is churning with questions. My stomach is churning and my heart goes out to this guy.

There are times that I lose track of articles like this and continue to ponder what the outcome was. I sure hope that I don’t lose track of this one.

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2 Responses to “Fertility Center Accused of Videotaping”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    All I can say is how awful. I really hope it ends up not being true.


  2. Anonymous Says:

    Your postings have brought me to a new awareness and sensitivity about the struggles people have with fertility. No one should have to endure such humiliation as this poor family.

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