Godess of Fertility Day – March 18

March 18th, 2007
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aph Godess of Fertility Day   March 18

While researching St. Patrick’s Day, this popped up on my radar. This is the holiday that I thought we would all be interested in yesterday, so I hope that you are checking back in. Although it isn’t very extensive, I thought that the sentiments behind it, would be something for this blog. The Godess of Fertility Day is always celebrated on March 18. There are also offerings given to Aphrodite in the forms of incense and flowers.

Goddess of Fertility Day

Goddess of Fertility Day celebrates Aphrodite and other gods and goddesses of fertility. In ancient times, many cultures had multiple gods and goddesses. Each one represented various aspects of life. The ancient Greek goddess Aphrodite was by far the most well known goddess of fertility. People would pray and make offerings to Aphrodite when seeking to create a family.

If you are looking to procreate, today might be the perfect time. However, if you are looking to avoid the unexpected pitter-patter of little feet, one might suggest today is a day of abstinence.

Greek mythology, Aphrodite was a goddess of fertility through sexual intercourse, however, she was also the goddess of love and beauty”

Aphrodite (Greece) Goddess of love, beauty, and sexual passion. She represented the fertility through the act of sexual intercourse

This site provides a link to Gods And Godesses of Fertility where I got the above definitions.

This page has listings and listings of all sorts of gods and godesses involved in all sorts of family creation stuff. Fertility, pregnancy, labor and childbirth all have their own representatives. And for some eye opening new ones, that I’d never even could have imagined existed, the list is very interesting reading. The names alone are a learning experience, but once you get into their godess duties, it gets really crazy.

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  1. S Says:

    Eeegads! I’m not sure who is stranger – the gravedigger with the dong carved on his shovel, the goddess who perpetually mates with her offspring, or the one who woke up her dead husband long enough to get knocked up!

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