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September 10th, 2006
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Here is some advice from Akeeyu at HerVeryOwn blog that I entirely agree with for all of you new-to-blogs readers:

I hate this stage. I am loathe to type a single word when I know we’ll be cycling so soon because I suspect that in six weeks I’ll just be one more example of why you should never read infertility blogs backwards. It’s too depressing to read about stale hope and old loss when you know how things come out in the end. Sometimes I go back and read old entries and am struck by the urge to yell “Look out!” at the screen, as if I’m watching a horror movie late at night. Reading backwards means that you know where the villain is lurking, you know which door the sorority girl shouldn’t open, but you can’t keep anybody’s hand off the doorknob.

If you are in the mood for dark comedy, in the mood to read about a little endometriosis, with LOTS curse words thrown in, this is the blog for you. Now, if you can’t stand cursing, don’t even glance at her blog because it is pretty raw and honest about her experience. As you know, I’m all for long distance blogging, as in, blogs that have been going on for some time. Akeeyu has been writing since 1994 and I have looked forward to every entry. Another example for those of you who haven’t yet decided to click on over to her site:

Ever have one of those days when every single little thing is fraught with self-doubt and ominous hidden meanings?

Today I had Macaroni and Cheese for lunch.

“What? Macaroni and Cheese? That’s not balanced! That’s not healthy! It’s full of fat and unpronounceable things and bright orange powdered cheese! What are you thinking? This is why you’re PS (probably sterile), you know. Because you don’t take care of your body. You can’t have a baby if you can’t even take care of your own body! For shame!”

While we were trying to get pregnant I had worse things than this running through my mind as reasons why we weren’t pregnant yet. I love seeing that someone else feels the same.

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One Response to “Her Very Own”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I remember feeling that way a lot.
    I thought I might be too fat to get pg, but when I asked the midwife that she told me that I’d have to weigh over 200 to be “too fat” (and thankfully, I don’t).
    A friend also told me that I needed to cleanse myself of negativity in order to receive the embryo. She said maybe I was subconciously rejecting the babies (through miscarriage) because I wasn’t ready. That was actually one of the most hurtful things anyone said to me while I was trying to get pg!
    As it turned out, something I was doing probably did cause my miscarriages – I found out 2 years later that I was gluten intolerant. But that wasn’t anything anyone (incl. my doctors, to whom I’d explained my symptoms) warned me about.

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