HH or H x 2 Plans

October 31st, 2006
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 HH or  H x 2 Plans

Hello! I wanted to wish everyone a Happy Halloweeen, but thought that I would be too obvious in repeating everyone else’s wishes in the Title line, so I decided to add a little mystery. If your brain isn’t working to it’s peak on this crazy day, HH and H x 2 is for “Happy Halloween”

It isn’t even afternoon and we have been enjoying the festivities to the max around this joint. I dressed up as a skater girl, which was pretty easy as that is kind of how I dress anyway. I’ve been telling everyone that I’m Pharrell’s girlfriend! And if you don’t know who Pharrell is, you are missing out on the eye candy of Halloween! (Yes, I know he is quite young, but I’m pulling a Demi Moore!) Ivy is Nemo and Bec is a football player at daycare, but a frog at home. At their parties this morning, the candy and treats were flowing and I had to enjoy some as well.

Tonight we have all of the family and cousins over for dinner and trick or treat around the neighborhood. The menu in past years have ranged from pizza, chili, stew, and lasagne. Tonight we will be trying stroganoff. If Chris gets home in time from work, this will be Ivy’s first adventure heading out to trick or treat. In years before, we’ve just waited for cousins to come back and share the goodies. But she’s big now! My brother and cousins and friends take all of the kids, there ends up to be about 25, while us girlies stay home close by the fire gossiping and enjoying the warm with the babies.

In anticipation of all of the extra kcals tonight, I lifted weights and did squats while watching commercials on The View. For the last 30 minutes Ivy and I have been going crazy dancing to BET. I’m going to enjoy this day to the fullest, but hopefully won’t be paying for it later!

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    HH 2 U!

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