“Labor of Love” Part 3

October 12th, 2006
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And the final part of the article from www.msnbc.msn.com :

Three years later, on Sept. 14, 2000, Kalenda served as surrogate again to the Adziches, this time delivering twins — Anika Stephanie, a girl, and Dominick, a boy.

The gift of life
Today, the Adzich children, now ages 6 and 9, call Kalenda their “fairy godmother.” Kathy sends Kalenda flowers or other gifts on her children’s birthdays.

“Stephanie has been spectacular through this entire process. It’s very important to her that we have our own family unit and it’s important to her that she has her own family unit,” Kathy said.

The emotional journey of Robert and Kathy Adzich is the subject of an upcoming documentary film, “Broken Womb,” being produced by Grace Kahng at Santoki Productions. Kathy Adzich is also working on two Web sites, Trusting the Journey, about finding hope and compassion in times of despair, and Jakob’s Room, a philanthropic organization urging hospitals to allow people dealing with the loss of loved ones a 24-hour stay to grieve and say goodbye. She is also writing a book, “Before the Flowers Die,” about her experiences.

Kathy, 41, and Rob, 39, say they’ll be forever grateful to Kalenda for the ultimate gift of life.

“I think when she goes to heaven, the pearly gates are going to be so wide, they’re going to roll out the red carpet.” Kathy says in the documentary. “She’s given three people a life on Earth. I just want her to know I love her and I would climb the highest mountain and swim the deepest sea to do anything to repay her.”

From Karianne: Alright, I’m crying now. Kathy’s last quote is how I feel about Becken’s Africa Mommy. Although I don’t know her, I would do anything in my power to let her know how much I appreciate her, and how much we love her although we have never met.

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  1. Petlemiewly Says:

    I watched this on the Today Show this AM and cried like a baby during it. Such a beautiful story! And I really like her Jacob’s room project….

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