Let’s Hope That This Is Only A Sick Joke

November 27th, 2006
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A couple of days ago two people reported to San Diego police an ad on Craigslist offering up a free baby. The ad said,

The copy given to police says: “Free baby boy to good home. My ex-girlfriend had him a few weeks ago, but now he just sits in my closet and cries. I’m not too sure how to deal with it, and I’m in a pretty low financial spot. I lost all the baby accessories. Batteries not included. Transaction final. No returns. Guaranteed not DOA.”

If you don’t know what Craigslist is, here is the description from www.signonsandiego.com

Craigslist, which started in 1995 by offering free online classifieds for the San Francisco area, attracts about 10 million users a month. Most ads are free to place, luring advertisers who might otherwise pay for ads in traditional media. Online auction giant eBay bought a 25 percent stake in the site from one of the original shareholders.

Thankfully the police are taking this seriously and are investigating the ad.

I’m sure that we are all just sickened by this. When I was trying so desperately to have a child, it seemed like there were examples like this all around me. Not only were there women who were pregnant because they wanted to be that caused me to be upset, but also women who wouldn’t, or most likely, were mentally unable to adequately care for their own babies.

I remember the main story right after I had one of my miscarriages, about a child that was left in a shopping cart. I never found out how that case was resolved, in fact, I tried to avoid all conversation and mention of it at the time. I would think about that kid a lot. Where were Mommy and Daddy, Auntie and Uncle, etc. What had happened to them? How could life really be this way for some people? And now I can’t remember if the child was a boy or girl. But I do remember crying for their sake.

Let’s hope that this is just a sick joke.

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2 Responses to “Let’s Hope That This Is Only A Sick Joke”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Karianne, Know that foster parents do step up and take care of babies that are left in shopping carts and elsewhere. I hope craigslist was a joke. I use it a lot.

  2. IdefeInAppy Says:

    Here is another I found. I don’t know if it’s the same one or not…but it’s definitely NOT FUNNY to those who long SO much for a little one.
    Exhusband said he did it as a joke to get back at mother of child.

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