Miscarriage Prayers

October 11th, 2006
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These are also from www.beliefnet.com in their daily prayers section under Christianity. There are other religions represented as well, as the Fertility Prayer was from the Catholic section from yesterday. I wish that I would have been more pro active in looking for prayers to help me through this time. Hopefully, these prayers will not be needed by you or a loved one, but if so, please pass them on if you feel that it is appropriate.

Prayer for a Woman Who Has Had a Miscarriage

O God of love, source of life,
hear our prayers for _____.
Her baby died before it ever came to birth.
The blessing of your love
was torn from her body,
leaving her empty and devastated.
Comfort her now in her sorrow.
Restore her hope for a child to come.
Give her courage and new delight
in the days ahead.
In good time, grant her a new life
that her soul may rejoice

and her body give birth;
in Christ’s name we pray. Amen.

Vienna Cobb Anderson

Prayer for Women Who Have Miscarried

Most loving God,
losing a child is devastating.
Bless all women,
and especially _____,
who have had a miscarriage.
Comfort them in their loss.
Give them hope
for children to come.
Bless them with an abundance of love
that as their bodies heal,
so too may their hearts.
Give then the courage to face each new day
in the confidence of your love;
in the name of Jesus Christ we pray. Amen.

Vienna Cobb Anderson

The above quotes can also be found in Prayers of Our Hearts by Vienna Cobb Anderson.

And now a prayer for some sleep! Goodnight.

Prayer for Sleep

O heavenly Father, you give your children sleep for the refreshing of soul and body: Grant me this gift, I pray; keep me in that perfect peace which you have promised to those whose minds are fixed on you; and give me such a sense of your presence, that in the hours of silence I may enjoy the blessed assurance of your love; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Source: Book of Common Prayer 1979

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  1. KikemraN Says:

    I’ll be linking to these on the 15th. Thank you for taking the time to share these.

  2. KikemraN Says:

    PS – I’ve just forwarded these on to our pastor for tomorrow’s church service. Thanks again.

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