My Heart Is Melting

October 26th, 2006
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20061025191309990001 My Heart Is Melting

When I signed on to AOL this morning this was the photo that I saw. My heart melted. I remember the first time that I saw Lourdes in a photo shoot, with her curls and almost black eyes. I remember seeing Rocco being held by his mommy coming out from the family wedding. And now this photo of mommy, sister, brother and David. Tenderness and good wishes for this family flooded my brain.

I replied to a previous Madonna post last week on this site. Actually “coming out” as a huge Madonna fan, with my adoration starting way back with my friend Donnelle who was the biggest Madonna fan I had ever known. Her junior high school basement bedroom was papered with Madonna ads. We memorized lyrics from songs and dance moves from videos. In fact, I think that I can even remember some. And I sing “Dress You Up” to my kids when I get them dressed in the mornings and they aren’t being cooperative.

Looking at this photo, I see that now Madonna’s family resembles my own. And this adds to my emotions. Those little faces, her head turned into them, away from the camera is one of the most precious Madonna photos I’ve seen.

Yesterday and today has had opinions and reviews of Madonna’s Oprah interview that aired yesterday. I didn’t get a chance to watch it, but I think that my mom tivo-ed it so I’ll get a chance maybe this weekend. Although I’ve read the posts, I don’t think that I’m qualified yet to have an opinion. And I really wonder if I can come to one rationally, since I am such a fan?

One funny aspect of this attention to international adoption is how I’ve reacted to it. When the Angelina Jolie adoption of Zahara was first reported, I had just applied to adopt Bec. I was enraged. Why? I thought that people would think that I was trying to be like her, trendy, in adopting from Africa. But now, I’m delighted to hear of Madonna’s adoption. Is it because I adopted first? Or is it because I realize what an absolutely wonderful experience it has been for me, and I’m happy for their family? Who can guess why my mind works the way that it does?

Photo credit by Shavawn Rissman/AP/Liz Rosenberg.

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3 Responses to “My Heart Is Melting”

  1. KikemraN Says:

    My Dad and I used to sing Madonna songs on Saturday mornings when he would take me out for eggs at our favorite restaurant. Memories.

    That picture makes me kind of weepy.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    That is a beautiful photo!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Well, you read my blog…you know what I think (-:

    lovely pic & lovely news from your day yesterday, too

    all the best!
    (baby in arm – 1 handed typing!)

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