New Community Manager Reporting for Duty

March 6th, 2007
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ManagerGood afternoon, Fertility Blog readers! This announcement brings me great joy (and will be followed by another announcement of excitement)! My name is Jenna and I am the new Community Manager for the fertility blog (and forums!).

I won’t be posting everyday like Karianne has been; and doesn’t she do a great job? I’m mostly here for maintenance, upkeep, recruitment, training and promotion. I will attempt to keep our readers up to date with fertility related news bits, links and other related issues on a twice weekly basis. My plan is to bring you news that relates to fertility, our forums, the blogs or our community at the beginning and end of your work week!

For those wondering my direct connection to the world of fertility/infertility, I’ll briefly share my story. Some of you may know me from my writings on the birth/first parent blog at I placed my firstborn daughter in what has become a fully open adoption. After a greatly complicated pregnancy with her, fondly referred to as the Munchkin, I found out that I had a kidney disorder that has placed a time limit on my child bearing years. After I married my Husband, we decided to try to conceive right away due to my health concerns. We were successful in conception and, after another tumultuous pregnancy, were blessed with a wonderful little boy. He is now fiften and a half months old and is a walking, somewhat-talking constant joy in our lives.

When he was eight months old, I had an early and unexpected miscarriage. We were shocked and deeply saddened by our loss. Since that time, my cycle has not returned to normal. I have had a number of tests, a D&C and the questions are still unanswered. For a few months it looked as if it was simply hormonal but in the past two months my doctor has started to question my thyroid function (which makes a bit of sense as hypothyroidism runs down my maternal side). More tests were just ordered in the past week. We’ll see where this journey takes us. My Husband and I have decided to start trying to conceive again, with the blessing of our doctor as he hopes that the thyroid thing isn’t big enough to effect actual conception at this point. We’re hopeful. We’re also scared of a repeat miscarriage.

So, that’s the short story of my fertility non-issues and issues. Hopefully that let’s you know me a little better and the perspective I bring into this position. Some random things about me include the fact that I’m a huge book worm, I’m a techno nerd and I love the outdoors. (Though, those last two seem somewhat contradictory, don’t they?)

If you have any questions about the content of the fertility blog (or the fertility community as a whole), please don’t hesitate to contact me at I try my hardest to respond to e-mails within a 24 hour period, however, weekends are sometimes hit or miss on my availaibility due to some strange schedules in being married to a firefighter and having family that lives far away.

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3 Responses to “New Community Manager Reporting for Duty”

  1. Karianne Says:

    Jenna, I’m so glad to have you over here! Can’t wait to read more and thanks so much for the encouragement.

    This is so exciting for us.


  2. Jenna Says:

    Thanks Karianne! Glad to be here and I’m excited for what is in store for the fertility community! :)

  3. S Says:

    Oh, whoops – I just responded to your most recent post and addressed it to Karianne. I didn’t notice that you had joined on over here!

    I have read some of your stuff on your other blog and always appreciate your perspective. I’m sure you’ll have much to offer over here as well.

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