One Year Blogging Anniversary

May 1st, 2007
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Today is my very first blogging anniversary. I think. Now that sounds funny doesn’t it? All day, I’ve been thinking that today was my anniversary writing here, but now that I’ve sat down to actually write it, I’m not all the way sure. I suppose that I could go back and check…

So, if I am correct, it has been 12 months since I started this gig. And I am finally getting into a writing groove that works for me, without trying to drive myself crazy at the last minute. Everyday I enjoy myself more and learn so much. Besides acquiring new information on a daily basis and sharing it on a large scale, I am now able to describe myself as a writer which has always been a dream career of mine.

In the middle of April 2006, I received an email, asking me if I would like to take over the position from the original fertility blogger. I sent off an email, trembling that I hadn’t missed my opportunity. When I found out that I had the job, I didn’t tell anyone for a couple days, just to savor the news. And then we found out that our son was being escorted home around the same time. It was like a genie had answered my wishes for good news after having such a horrible year losing my dad.

At this time last year, we were awaiting the arrival of our son from Africa. I was just beginning to write posts for Starting a new job and becoming a mom again was so exciting and nerve wracking. But both were such huge goals that were attained, that for the most part, I just couldn’t believe how lucky I was. And I still am so blessed by both every day.

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  1. S Says:

    Congratulations. I think you have a perfect job!

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