Opportunities of the 2 Week Wait

March 30th, 2013
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While the infamous two-week-wait seems to be dreaded by most women, it’s only because the focus so often is about what we want. “Obviously,” you may say. But for a person of faith, it is not necessarily so clear-cut. This time of uncertainty offers several opportunities for growing in our relationship with God, and perhaps also with others.

First and foremost, stressing over the desired positive outlook only sets us up for failure when, inevitably, so many of us do not succeed every time we try. Instead, we have an opportunity to practice truly turning our will over to God. Clearly, we desire that the cycle results in a healthy take-home baby. I’m not suggesting that we should try to want what we don’t actually want. Rather, the idea is to be willing to accept whatever the results may be with the understanding that God works all things for the good.

This type of attitude is much more becoming than begging and pleading for God to grant us our wish as if He were some genie who owed us as much. Using the two-week-wait to try to learn to turn our lives over to Him is a wonderful opportunity to mature in our faith. I say this based on a reflection on my own prayer life, which changed from a constant wish-list to a more give-and-take sort of relationship.

Another opportunity in this time of uncertainty is to get to know God better. Not only do we have a chance to grow in our faith and work on our own character, but we also have a chance to learn more about the nature of God. If we plan wisely, we can use the time to reflect on who God is and what this means to us and our faith, instead of on spending the time obsessing over things we have no control over. One such realization that I have had in my current two-week-wait has been that God works in secret. We do not need to be aware of His actions in order for Him to be working in us and through us for His greater glory.

I’ve been doubting the success of this cycle based on a feeling of, well, not feeling any different. Yet this doesn’t change the fact that there are, indeed, two tiny human embryos inside my body. Whether they continue to grow and develop, I don’t know. But for right now, they are there, even if I don’t feel them.

Finally, we have a perfect opportunity to distract ourselves with activities that have nothing to do with infertility, pregnancy, or children. Anyone who has gone through the madness that the two-week-wait can easily become will attest to the fact that nearly every thought during this time seems to be in reference to the impending pregnancy test results. Therefore, it is prudent to distract ourselves from such a thought pattern in order to remind ourselves that there is more to life than this cycle. In fact, there’s more to life than infertility, and even to having a child. Otherwise, it is a slippery slope to allow the desire for a child to become an idol in our lives.

The more we focus on what we want but don’t have, the more upsetting it will be for us. This is why I believe that the two-week-wait is a wonderful opportunity for us to challenge ourselves and grow as a person. Perhaps this is easier said than done, but as for me, this being my third two-week-wait, I choose to use the time productively. It is healthy to really experience the sense of being uncertain of the future. It can remind us that we only live in the present, and there is no use wasting any amount of time on fruitless worry, even if it is only two weeks.

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2 Responses to “Opportunities of the 2 Week Wait”

  1. ktidwell Says:

    I just started my 1st cycle and found your blog post on the two week wait very uplifting. My struggle with infertility for the past 3 years has also helped me grow spiritually. I think it is important for me to remember he has a plan and to trust in that plan. This has been extremely painful for me but such a life lesson. I think your outlook of the two week wait as a growing experience spiritually is a breath of fresh air! I will remember this during my wait. I wish you lots of luck! Thanks for the post!

  2. cgriff5 Says:

    Karolina, thank you so much for this post. This spoke to me at a time I really needed the encouraging words.

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