Our Son, the Homecoming

May 17th, 2006
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 Our Son, the Homecoming
After all of my aversion to thinking that Becken would arrive on time, he arrived in my arms ten minutes after his flight landed as scheduled. There were a few moments of anxiety when another plane de boarded first and there was no baby on board. At least no Ethiopian baby on board. The pilot and attendant came rolling through the gates, and I tentatively asked if there was anyone else coming. “We’re it”, he said. I almost had a surreal panic attack until Chris said that there was another plane. Whew!

This one was the right flight. We knew so even before we saw him, because other passengers kept coming up to us and asking if we were waiting for The Baby. I jokingly asked, “Did he scream the whole way?” They each responded to the effect that he was an angel during the flight and so cute. And then, there he was.

Chris saw our escort first and said, “There he is!” When we all saw him, we all commented on how tiny he was. Our escort was carrying him, his pack, her pack and was overloaded. Chris kept moving forward toward the gate, but I had an urge to back up. Until they came through the gate and then I couldn’t be stopped. He was awake and gorgeous. Smiling and alert, we instantly fell even more in love with this little guy. Passengers had stayed around to watch the meeting and everyone was touched by the scene. I held him first, and then he gave his dad a huge smile. Cameras were flashing all over and not just from our small party either. It was one of the best moments of my entire life.

Becken rode the whole way home sleeping and resting up. His jet lag cleared about 4 days later and he has only been cheerful unless he is alone. Another time his sister kicked him in the eye on accident and he cried a little bit until I could get to him and console him. He balances our family perfectly. He was exactly what we were waiting for. I wish that everyone could feel this way.

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    Aah, here are the stories I was hoping for about your sweet baby! BTW, you look great in the homecoming pics. I had showed a friend right after you sent them out, and we were coveting your hair (-:

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