Prognosis- Impatient

January 28th, 2010
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baby shoes 150x150 Prognosis  Impatient

            When dealing with infertility, a couple needs to practice a great deal of patience. Sadly, I was born with very little patience for waiting for exciting things to happen. For example, I’ll purposely hide Christmas presents in horribly obvious places in hopes that my husband will find them. He now makes me wait until around the 21st of December to start my holiday shopping.

            When the doctor told me that I was going to need to wait until specific days to have blood tests performed, I almost went crazy. I hate needles, but I wanted to start figuring out my hormone levels. I’d try and find ways to distract myself but it seemed like the days dragged on forever. Then finally day 21 came around and we found out that my progesterone levels were very low. The doctor prescribed me Clomid and told me to take them on certain days of my cycle and then come back on certain days for more blood work. UGH! I wanted to take them right then and get going on making my family!

            I’m sure many families can sympathize with my frustrations and impatient feelings. You wait to see if some new treatment will work or not and then you wait to see if you’re pregnant or not. Infertility is truly a game of waiting and I didn’t want to play! So to ease my frazzled mind I started a collection of baby items. As much as seeing Fertile Myrtle with her cute baby bump at the store tore at my heart, I felt an odd sense of control over my problem.

            I had no idea when, or if, a child was going to come into our family, but I did know what he or she was going to wear home from the hospital. Whenever I would feel those nagging feelings of frustration come over me, I’d simply go to the store and look at baby items. I only got things on sale and made sure the items were either neutral colored or that I got one boy item and one girl item. If worse came to worse, I figured I could always give them away as baby shower gifts to my family and friends. To help me pass the days in between my blood tests, I would work on bibs, burp clothes, and blankets. My husband probably wasn’t the biggest fan of having to help me store, and eventually move, our baby items, but he never complained.

            When we eventually became pregnant with our daughter I felt very prepared to bring a little one into our home. She was only 14 weeks gestation but already had a good amount of clothes, bibs, and blankets. It was even better when people asked what we we needed because we could tell them that we had the basics already. This led to some group gifting of a crib, swing, and jumper toy—all items we couldn’t have afforded on our own.

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One Response to “Prognosis- Impatient”

  1. FertilityCoach-Amy Says:

    It can seem like torture can’t it! It seems that our emotions and biology don’t use the same calendar. LOL
    - Amy

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