Relief From 5 Minutes for Mom

February 21st, 2007
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A blog that I like to read is called 5 Minutes for Mom which is written by twins, Susan and Janice.

Janice is pregnant right now and starting last Friday, there has been worry about the pregnancy.

There are times that I think to myself, why do I read stuff like this? It keeps me going back to the exact emotions of my pregnancy losses. Especially when it is a real life woman, who posts her emotions as they are playing out, when she has the time. It is edge of your seat drama, with a friend through the internet. But then there is also comfort, knowing that we all go through some of the same things in times like this. And wisdom from having been through it.

Each day logging on, I wonder, “Has she posted yet?” “What is the news?” and lastly, “Do I want to know?”

Since last Friday, Janice has had me on pins and needles. Blog friends of mine have been posting back and forth, wondering about her. Asking each other and our readers to send out prayers and positive thoughts.

There is something so on the pulse with a blog as opposed to a book or a print article. When I read printed material about miscarriages and difficult pregnancies, I hold the proof of survival in my hands. Knowing the amount of time that goes with traditional publishing, I know that the author has time to process what has happened to her, then put it into words. There are lapses of time that can be months and years between the events and the time that I am reading them.

With blogging, the feel is immediate and primal. The words come as they come with very little editing. Internet publishing is right now, as soon as the enter button or the the mouse is clicked. And the adrenaline comes through clearly.

Janice has received good news for now, and we are all relieved for the moment. Just like my pregnancies past, the worry will continue.

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