May 19th, 2007
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Here is the definition of shiatsu massage. I did learn a few manuevers from shiatsu while attending massage school, but only the very basics. I employ only one shiatsu move in my daily massage routine at the spa, but it is very effective to release some of the tension within the muscles along the spine. Within my community, we don’t have anyone that specializes in shiatsu, but I believe that in larger cities it is more readily available to massage consumers.

Spiritual Massage Techniques

Shiatsu is a Japanese acupressure massage technique, wherein the practitioner applies gentle pressure to a series of points on the body to stimulate healing and relaxation, and to correct any imbalances. Some people describe Shiatsu as acupuncture without needles, as the massage is done with the practitioner using his or her thumbs and palms. The pressure points used in Shiatsu correspond to the body’s twelve meridians, a concept that originates in ancient Chinese medicine

But according to this definition, infertility isn’t mentioned. I began to wonder about the helpfulness of shiatsu within the condition and found this from an article on webmd. And from reading this, it seems to be very helpful for many causes of infertility, especially in women.


Shiatsu and Infertility

This a form of massage uses systematic stimulation along meridians to help restore the flow of energy throughout the body. If, for example, the ovaries are not functioning properly, a shiatsu therapist would attempt to decrease emotional stress (which is believed to cause upset in the nervous system) in order to regulate the function of the ovaries and the uterus. Shiatsu works with the premise that an imbalance (be it hormonal or emotional) can produce symptoms of infertility and that these symptoms can be improved by regulating overall energy balance in the body.

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One Response to “Shiatsu”

  1. arangia Says:

    nothing personal, but i seem to always have people telling me “just relax! once you quit stressing out so much you’ll just get pregnant, i know ‘so and so’ and that’s what happened to her”. i’m sick of them saying that, (as if they know how i feel when i’m with my husband.) this seems too similar to that, relax and some how magically you’ll be cured.

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