Unprescribed Clomid

September 28th, 2009
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Clomid Unprescribed Clomid I remember all to well the time when I excitedly, and with much anxiety and trepidation, began clomid treatment. I soon learned that I had very little to get excited about though, because as mentioned in another posting, clomid ended up being the worst medication for me in terms of side effects and that it never resulted in a viable pregnancy. At the time, however, I was naive about just how difficult it actually can be to conceive and thought that it was sure to work. When it was finally prescribed I had already spent many, many months searching out stories of its success or failure and was wondering why in the world my doctor had not yet offered it.

I had inquired at an appointment with my regular obstetrician about using it and he was not on board, he suggested that he would only prescribe it if I was not ovulating. I was, by this time, very impatient and clomid really seemed to be the miracle “fix” for a lot of people that I knew. I didn’t care that I did seem to be ovulating (at that time and albeit with very, very long cycles). We had been trying to conceive for almost two years and if taking a pill for five days was the way to finally create a baby I wanted to give it a try. So, I began to look for ways to get a hold of clomid without a prescription and found that it was pretty easy. Well, I should clarify that. I never actually purchased clomid unprescribed so I can’t really say that it was easy, but it was readily available on the internet and there were plenty of stories of other women who got it in the same way.

I was so tempted to place an order that I finally told myself that I would go back to my gynecologist and discuss it more fully with him. If he had refused, I had decided that I was going to purchase it online and begin taking it on my own. He relented and even diagnosed PCOS after that appointment, so I am very glad that I was persistent. What makes me even happier, though, is that I did not do it on my own. Even under my doctor’s supervision and with a thorough understanding of the side effects and repercussions – what I actually experienced with clomid treatment was shocking. I think I had every side effect listed and could definitely tell something was off once I started taking the medication. If I had purchased it off the internet and had no monitoring and no real cautions I would have been very frightened, although probably still reluctant to fess up to my doctor (or maybe even husband).

With clomid I did conceive in my fourth month of taking it, but lost that pregnancy. However, up until that point we had not seen a positive on any of the million pregnancy tests I took. I do think clomid can be a very effective treatment for some women and a great first fertility medication to try if appropriate for your fertility issues. I also think, though, that monitoring by your physician is crucial as there are some things that can go wrong even with a lower level medication such as clomid. Side effects can include things like hyperstimulation, severe mood swings, visual symptoms, abnormal bleeding, and in very rare cases even heart or kidney failure. This is not a drug that should be taken without consultation with a medical professional. I know just how appealing it is to take matters into your own hands when you feel like your doctor is not moving fast enough or in the right direction. My only advice is to try to find a doctor that you trust and then trust him to make the right decisions for you and your fertility. Trying to treat your infertility on your own is just too dangerous!

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  1. InfertilityConcerns.com Says:

    Unfortunately most doctors follow a protocol and not necessarily what is best for the patient. Clomid is inexpensive and is usually the first in a line of treatments that will be offered to the patient. This protocol could be driven by your insurance company or just a pattern that the doctor has got use to. In either instance it is cookie cutter medicine.

    Randy Beckett is an author, speaker and consultant with over 30 years experience in women’s healthcare.

    For additional information on infertility, visit http://www.infertilityconcerns.com

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