How to Not Lose Hope

April 6th, 2007
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“Don’t Lose Hope”by Naomi Drew

There are only two times in my life, so far, that I have lost hope. Those times were when I was dealing with infertility and when we received my dad’s terminal cancer diagnosis. Both times I was devastated. Both times it was like the world had grown dark and would not be light again. Many people will tell you to not lose hope. But not many will tell you how to not lose hope. In fact, in that instance, you are hopeless already so what can you do? According to the article above, there are ways to hang on to hope. Or, in some cases, to try to get it back.

1. Be kind to yourself

This step for me involved sleeping enough or more than enough, getting massages, reminding myself to eat and crying or making myself cry when I felt that I needed to. Although these seem very simple, there were times that my anxiety and worry were so high that these activities felt like chores. But after I would accomplish one or more of them, I really did feel better about myself and about my life and about the picture of life as a whole.

2. Create a 5 minute silence ritual everyday

I would do this by taking a nightly bath. And I didn’t feel the most comfortable with the actual silence but most healed by the sound of the running water. Although this created noise externally, it created silence in my mind.

3.Curtail your intake of news

This was very easy to do. I’m not a newswatcher in the first place and we only get the newspaper on the weekends and I rarely read anything but the ads. Although I did find trouble avoiding the news on the computer. And if the author would have suggested to forgo blogs, I wouldn’t have felt very comfortable passing this suggestion along.

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