We’ve Run Out

June 28th, 2010
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1235313 fall 150x150 Weve Run OutIt seems to me like I meet more people who are experiencing infertility all the time. This may be that I’m drawn to these men and women because I feel a connection with them or maybe it is something else.

A lot of people feel that some couples are experiencing infertility at a higher rate because they are waiting until they are older to start having a family. But I’ve come across one person who has a different opinion on the matter. This person feels that more people are experiencing infertility because there are simply less spirits ready to come to Earth.

This person believes that a finite amount of souls were made before/during the creation of the Earth. Then one by one these souls are sent to Earth to live, love, and learn. The more people we have on the Earth, the more babies that are being sent at a higher rate. According to my friend the end of the world is coming sooner than we think and part of that “end of the days” is that every soul will come to Earth to be tested.

When I questioned my friend on how the families are chosen to receive these babies he said that it is all for the growth and development of the parents. This makes sense, but also frustrated me. I understand that a teenage girl can learn a lot and have to grow from having a baby at 15, but wouldn’t it be nicer to send the baby to a happily married 20 something? I know that everybody is tested in life, but when it is “your turn” you just wish someone else drew that card. I’d much rather be tested with a plague of locusts than with infertility, thank you very much.

I know we shouldn’t become angry with God for our trials, but at times it is really hard not to. If there are only a few spirits left to come to this Earth why can’t they be sent to happy homes instead of abusive, dysfunctional ones? The old saying “save the best for last” comes to mind at times like this. Before I get angry at God, or you start to either, I’ll suggest that you become angry with your great grandmother. If she is like most women of her day she had 6+ children therefore making less spirits available to you today.

Dang that lack of birth control.

Photo credit- http://www.sxc.hu/photo/1235313

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One Response to “We’ve Run Out”

  1. Julie Marsden Says:

    Hello Marie!

    At first I was kind of skeptical about the whole spirit talk, but then towards the end I had to laugh out loud, because of my grandmother had 6-7 kids (I can’t even remember how many uncles and aunts I had). I’m not really spiritual, so I can’t really rationalize on the idea that spirits are “scarce”. Wouldn’t that mean that from an economical point of view we have a dead weight loss in spirits? :)


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