Wine, Anyone?

September 24th, 2006
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wi Wine, Anyone?
I was over on Tertia’s blog today and she posted the following article:

Wine-drinking women are more fertile – report

September 18 2003 at 11:30AM

Copenhagen – Women who drink moderate quantities of wine become pregnant more easily than their teetotal or beer-supping sisters, a Danish medical review reported Thursday.

According to Dagens Medecin a study of 30,000 women showed that those who chose a glass of wine over beer or spirits were most likely to conceive. The least likely to become pregnant were those who drank no alcohol at all.

The research was carried out by a team headed by Mette Juhl of the state serology institute, Statens Serum Institut. They could not explain the reasons for their findings.

“We know that wine-drinkers eat more healthily and are of a higher social status than beer drinkers. But ability to become pregnant does not vary according to social class,” Juhl commented.

“So we cannot rule out the possibility that wine contains substances that are beneficial for fertility.” – Sapa-AFP

Well, no wonder I had trouble getting pregnant! :) I don’t drink, except for very rare occaisions, and I sure the heck don’t drink wine. Maybe a wine cooler, most often a Cosmo or vodka and grapefruit juice. Maybe it is just alcohol in general as I know a few older now, teenaged moms that were certain their own alcohol level was the reason they ended up pregnant at all.

Tertia also writes a post about while trying to conceive she gave up a lot of things to aid in conception and the health of the never resulting child. In this aspect, I was lucky. The things that you are supposed to give up were things that I didn’t care for in the first place. Smoking? Gross, although I do like the smell sometimes. Coffee? Hurts my stomach, although I like the smell of the coffee shop. Drugs? This was somewhat difficult because I take prescription drugs daily for allergies, depression, and asthma. I did have to wean myself down on dosages for some of these and tried to avoid my inhaler as much as possible.

Tertia then writes that once she started drinking again, she got pregnant. I just hope that people don’t put this into the category of “just relax” as advice. Can you imagine? I can hear it now, “Just relax, have a glass of wine. It’ll help out your fertility.”

PS Have you ever heard the term “beer supping”?

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2 Responses to “Wine, Anyone?”

  1. KikemraN Says:

    Interesting. I’m allergic to wine. :-

  2. Anonymous Says:

    This one made me giggle – funny what just one little glass of wine might lead to….


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